What is Purus Labs?

Purus Labs is a muscle-building, fat-burning and pre-workout supplement company launched in 2009 and is based out of Texas. Purus Labs is up and coming, so the information is limited here.

The company have build a good reputation for themselves as a reliable manufacturer. Their supplements are designed to meet different users specific needs.

Purus Labs products are all created in a facility that is inspected by the FDA. The company follows Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) that are verified independently by certification companies.

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Purus Labs ingredients are systematically forged from natural herb extracts and research and tested by real scientists and athletes.

Products Effectiveness?

Purus Labs are well-known for their contribution in the bodybuilding industry. Purus Labs has been manufacturing supplements for bodybuilding, weight loss and overall sports nutrition since 2009, and many of their supplements are used by people who want to live a healthy, active lifestyle. The best natural testosterone booster supplements for men are aguably just 3 top products.

When combined with a vigorous workout regime and a healthy diet, users can see results as quickly as possible.

Purus Labs products are safe for human consumption. The company also manufactures supplement drinks that provide users with great energy and never a wired or jittery feeling ever.

The flavor are incredible, it doesn’t contains sugars or artificial ingredients. Purus Labs products are great stacker, when it come to effective, they never disappoints.

Products Range?

Purus Labs manufactures great product that are designed to help users who want to get into bodybuilding, improve their athletic fitness or who want to lose fat and transform their body.

*Purus Labs Condense is known to help enhance oxygen and nutrient delivery for more power and endurance. It comes in great flavors such as Island Punch, Pineapple, Crisp Apple, Natural Sangria Lemonade, Natural Florida Orange and Melonberry Cooler.

*D-pol is a great fat burner. It assist the users loss weight and also maintain it in a long run.

*Another product is the Purus Labs Noxywei, which is great for athletes and bodybuilders who want to increase their muscle mass or athletic performance.

*Purus Labs MyoFeed, their popular protein powder, could help with burn fat and weight loss instead of muscle.

Customer satifaction and Complaints

Several Purus Labs reviews commend the effectiveness of some of their products.

Purus labs makes an effort to make their product as natural and effective as possible. The effectiveness of their energy drinks products are better than the competitors.

These ingredients used in every single product does a number of things, including helping people to get toned muscles while burning excess fat in the body. It also increase energy, help people work extra time during workouts.

Taste are great, it does not contains coloring, fillers, additives, nor dyes.

One user online commented on the Purus Labs Condense. He quote ” I like the fact you only had to take it 10 minutes before your workout for it to kick in and when it did kick in it was noticeable. And I found once I started training it made my workout seem easier and I could get a lot more done than usual.”

Purus Labs have really live up to expectation. Their products are definitely one of the best Pre-workouts on the market.

However, some users had complained of experiencing mild side effects while using some of Purus Labs products, most especially the BCCAs.

Most common effect is stomach upset, and others got an itchy, tingly sensation on hair/head.


Purus Labs is a great company, they are going down the same route as a reliable and transparent company, bringing supplements that are free of artificial flavoring, dye and fillers.

Purus Labs does not hid their ingredients inside a proprietary blend, all the ingredients are full disclosed. Customers know what exactly they are taking inside the body.

Purus Labs has being producing great products ever since they come into existence. The number of ingredients in their supplements are small and isn’t jack pack with ton of ingredients and substances.

Moreover, Purus Labs supplements are reasonable dosed. Dosing is the most important factor, and Purus Labs have really hit the jackpot with their line of products.

Discount and Free trial? 

Purus Labs offers free samples of their products to customers who which to try them.  They also offer great discount on products purchased in bulk.

Return policy

Some of Purus Labs products comes with a money-back guarantee. Customer support return policy only covers damaged products and nothing else.


Purus Labs might be new to the business, but they are really going great for themselves. The best thing about their products is the fact that the exact amount of ingredients listed, so customers know how much they’re getting, compared to other brands that just mention the ingredient list.

These supplements provide massive gains, energy and weight loss. There are a good amount of positive reviews out there and it’s always great to see a new company with a big following.

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